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Mince Meat

Qty Ingredient
1lb ( about 450g ) bramley apples chop small
8 oz ( about 225 g ) suet
12 oz ( about 350g ) rasin
8 oz sultanars
8 oz currents
12 oz Dark brown sugar
2 lemon or orange zest
2 oz ( about 50 g ) small cut Almonds


Mix everything
Cover and leave for 12 hours
After that pre-heat the oven to gas mark ¼, 225°F about 110 C

Cover the bowl loosely with foil and cook for 3 hours, then remove the bowl

Stir whilst its cooling, about every 30 mins is fine.

Add the brandy when its cold.

Give it a good mix

Do jars the same as jam. Boil then use.

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