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Adding A New Recipe – Rick


This is how a user added a new recipe

On 30/04/2020 05:52, Richard Hann wrote:

Hi Jeff,

That was fairly easy. I have loaded the recipe, title “Red Thai Curry Pork with Ginger and Lime”. The only thing I didn’t do was assign a category. Should be “curry”. I’ll leave that to you to fix, please.



At 15:04 29-04-20, you wrote:

Hi Rick,

Yep you can do anything you need.

Each recipe is a post.

Once logged in there should be  a lack bar along the top which has a +
then select post.

Put in a title, then the text.

Once finished there is a publish button top right.

If you need a few goes you can select save as draft. But you wont see it
until you publish.

Also you can use the Dashboard which gives loads of options. Such as
Posts , View All, Add New etc

I use categories and restrict page but dont worry I will do that part
for you.

If in doubt use dashboard to find the options.

You can get there by clicking on jeff is a chef on the black bar. Or

Look fwd to giving it a try.



On 29/04/2020 05:50, Richard Hann wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
> I have a recipe I’d like to add to your chef site. Is that allowable,
> or do you want to have only your own recipes?
> I couldn’t find a way to add a recipe so I have attached it to this
> email. If you like it, please add it to the site or tell me how to do
> that.
> Cheers,
> Rick

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