Apple & Ginger Jam

Tomato Ketchup

Pineapple & Orange Marmalade

Lime Marmalade

3 Fruit Marmalade – Grapefruit, Orange & Lemon

Marmalade – Oxford

900g Seville oranges

1.8 kg Granulated sugar or some high pectin sugar

2 tsp Dark treacle

Swig of Rum


Juice the oranges

Either steam skins for 3 1/2 hours or add the juice and skins to

pressure cooker , total liquid 900ml top up with water if needed.

Pressure cook for 30mins. Remove from heat and let it slowly de-steam

Shred the skins and return to the pan

Return to heat and slowly stir in the sugar, add treacle

boil until 105 C.

Add rum

Jar it up.




Marmalade ( Oxford Style) Pressure Cooker

Ingredients circa 6 jars

Remove trivet from pot.

1lb – 1/2 kg seedless orange / clementines 0r remove pips when cutting.

Slice them, thickness to taste.

Place in pot.

1.5 l water. Use 500 mls ( vary for your pressure cooker ) to pressure, add the rest later

1kg sugar. Add 1/2 to pot before cook cooking, add the rest later.

2 tbl dark treacle or to taste.

Stir just to combine.

Pressure for 10 mins.

After let pot cool naturally – do not force de-steam.

It can sit for as long as you want.

Remove lid, then add the remaining water and sugar.

Add the dark treacle.

Swig of Rum

Give occasional stir.

As temp gets close, stir more often.

Boil until temp is 105 C – 110C

Do not over boil it or the sugar will burn.

When ready top is covered in bubbles and frothy. You can feel it thickening.

Let it cool a little for a few mins.

Use Sterilised jars.

When cool enough not to break the jars, put in jars and put lid on to make an air tight seal. As it cools the air gap between lid and sauce is important.

Google says :

1 cup = 128g , 1 cup = 236ml, 3tsp = 1tbl = 14.3g , 8tbl = 1/2 cup = 113g

To make double – circa 12 jars :

1 kg oranges

3 l water

2 kg sugar

2 tbl Treacle – To taste

Swig of rum.