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    Adding A New Recipe – Rick

    This is how a user added a new recipe On 30/04/2020 05:52, Richard Hann wrote: Hi Jeff, That was fairly easy. I have loaded the recipe, title “Red Thai Curry Pork with Ginger and Lime”. The only thing I didn’t do was assign a category. Should be “curry”. I’ll leave that to you to fix, please. Cheers, Rick At 15:04 29-04-20, you wrote: Hi Rick, Yep you can do anything you need. Each recipe is a post. Once logged in there should be  a lack bar along the top which has a +then select post. Put in a title, then the text. Once finished there is a publish button top…

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    New Feature – Your own favourites list.

    I was asked to add a way for users to create a favourites list of their own which would not get lost in the browser bookmarks and also move with them if they log in from a different location / computer. If you look at the top of each recipe there is now a favourites button. Click on this if you want to add it to your personal list. If you decide to remove it click on it again. Use the Favourites Menu option in the main menu bar, close to Home etc to view your list. Hope that helps.

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    Thank you NHS England

    I would like to thank the Teams at the NHS – John Radcliffe and The Churchill Hospitals. Especially Emily in Physio and Nurse Bryony, Nurse Vicky, Nurse Nina and Nurse Gina. I am sorry there are many more who have helped me but I do not know all of their names.