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    Okonomiyaki – Japanese Omlete

    Best Okonomiyaki Recipe: Okonomiyaki is easy to make!  Our favorite “best” Osaka Okonomiyaki recipe (also called Kansai Okonomiyai style) is immediately below, and further down you will find even simpler recipes for the batter that don’t require as many specialized ingredients and still taste great. Recipes for Hiroshima style Okonomiyaki and a variety of other ideas on our Recipe Variations page. To make your own fun explories, like the one above, get the free Explory app here: INGREDIENTS (To Make 2) Metric Imperial Okonomiyaki Flour 100g 1 cup Water (or Chicken stock) 160ml 2/3 cup Eggs (or Egg substitute) 2 (or 120ml) 2 (or 1/2 cup) Cabbage, cut into 3cm…