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    Borsch 4 beetroot grated 100g White Cabbage ( shredded / cut very slim ) 8 Small Potato / 4 Med  cubed 1 Medium Carrot grated 4 Medium Tomato 1 Medium Onion  cut small 800g Pork cubed 8 Sprigs Fresh Dill 3 Tbl Spn Olive Oil 1 tsp Vinegar Sour Cream for serving Fine chop onion, dill. Heat 3 L water in big pan – add dill onion and meat. Cook gently 30 mins after begin cooking meat. Grate – Beets, Carrots. Fine chop toms. Melt some butter in a pan, add Beets, Toms, vinegar cover with lid. Simmer gently 1 Hour. Stir occasionally, if dry add some liquid from broth.…